Hedraweb listing

I thought it was time I listed all my posts since 2016 to make it easier to find a particular article.

All you have to do is left click the search icon (top right of page) and enter a keyword.

2 thoughts on “Hedraweb listing

  1. This is fantastic work. Brilliant! I found a dimorphic triad and a singular mono tile (hexagonal based) tile in 1982 shaped like a turtle. I knew it was aperiodic in 1982 but what I was amazed to find last year was it also created holes and wave fronts. I sent a little cardboard mockup of it to Roger Penrose many years ago after seeing an article in the early 1980s in a science magazine about two chicken like tiles he created that were aperiodic. You can see the turtle tile on my website under tessellation art gallery page 3.


    1. Hi Michael – thank you for your kind comments. I did reply via my Hedraweb site some days ago but my message seems to have disappeared… hey ho.

      I visited your website; so much to look at and admire. Your drawings are wonderfully presented and I really like the choice of colours that you use. The turtle mono tile looks like it will produce a periodic tiling, otherwise, it would be something very special! I also notice that you work with different mediums; so effective.

      I hope to leave feedback on some of your work very soon.

      Best regards – Dave S.


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