Aperiodic puzzle set

This imaginative set of shapes, is an adaption of the Penrose kites and darts and was thought up by Goossen Karssenberg. More info here… https://kaasfabriek.nl/projecten/puzzels-aperiodieke-betegelingen.

I used a sillhouette paper cutting machine to cut out the shapes using thin card. Goossen named these ‘heart’, ‘sun’ and ‘cloud’.

Of the 7 possible vertex neighbourhoods in a tiling of kites and darts, three configurations of the new set have ‘suns’ at the centre. These make up the Sun, Deuce and Jack.

Then we have Ace, Queen and King

And finally the Star which is the 5 dart equivalent.

The cardboard shapes were difficult to work with but I managed a couple of small decahedron tilings.

It’s worth noting that the ‘heart’, ‘sun’ and ‘cloud’ do not need any colour matching rules or notches to produce only aperiodic tilings.

Sets of these can be purchased in both wood and acrylic. Go here for sizing and prices.. https://www.goossenkarssenberg.nl/geometrische-patronen-geometric-patterns/puzzle-mosaics/

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