Pentagon type 2

Continuing on, this pentagon is made up of a narrow kite and a 1,2,2 sided triangle.  Its appearance is not too dissimilar to a type 15 (discovered last year by Jennifer Mcloud-Mann, Casey Mann and David Von Derau) but in this instance, side b and d are the same length.

B+D=180, B+E=180, a=c=e, b=d.  Colouring denotes mirroring of tiles.

Jaap Scherphuis has since stated that the tile is a type 2, but in three ways: B+E=180 with a=d, or as B+D=180 with b=d, or as B+D=180 with a=c. The two tiling patterns (shown above) are both the standard type 2 pattern, making use of two of the ways that this tile conforms to type 2.

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