Mandelbulb 3D

This amazing 3D fractal program has been around for some time. I had used it before but only briefly, as I was unable to produce anything of interest. You can find it here…

Only just recently, my son Louis re-introduced me to it and helped me create my first renders (below). The image on the right is where ambient lighting has been added to create depth.

There’s a Navigator window where you can move in and out of fractals, pan, rotate, and other controls that I have yet to fully understand. I later stumbled across the ‘MutGen’ button (mutation generator). This is where you can adjust a few sliders that will randomise parameters, swap formulas etc.

Mandelbulb 3D is very addictive and I have since produced over 400 parameter files that I can render at any size (there’s probably a limit though); a few examples below. The results resemble futuristic buildings, uncanny worlds, impossible structures and space wrecks.

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